Portalex was founded in 1971 by Rio Tinto as “Pillar Portuguesa (Alumínio) Portalex, Lda.”  After being acquired in 1997 by the Norsk Hydro Group (Hydro Aluminium), a modernisation programme was launched, which included an investment in a scrap recycling plant. 

In 1999, Hydro Aluminium Portalex achieves certification for ISO 9002, later renewed to ISO 9001:2000. 

In 2003, Portalex acquired a surface treatment company called Tecnilaca -  Lacagem de Metais Lda.

In 2003, allowing the company to offer the full process from extrusion to finishing, with the advantages in quality and added value that this gives.

Portalex supplies extruded profiles to a wide range fo industries, from the building and construction sector, to advanced electronics and automotive industries.

In August 2012, Portalex Aluminio SA has become an independent extruder, owned by the German group Bavaria Industriekapital.  While keeping our tradition of competence and excellence in quality and service, our approach to the market is now more flexible than ever.

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